Founded June 10, 1977

Hispanic Ministry

Chair: Evelyn Moriera  
Phone:  334-201-8170    

Mission: To assist the United States Catholic Church in its efforts to serve the Catholic Hispanic population in the New Evangelization.  To integrate the Hispanic presence into the life of the Church of the Holy Spirit.


•   Participate and help in the general activities of the Hispanic Ministry in the

 Montgomery Deanery.

•   Weekly prayer group on Wednesdays after 6:30 p.m. mass in the library and in

 homes as requested;

•   Spanish mass celebration on the last Monday of every month;

•   Spiritual retreats during Lent and Advent seasons;

•   Pilgrimage trips to Catholic places within the dioceses of Mobile and Birmingham;

•   Provide economic assistance to a monastery of Franciscan nuns in Colombia;

•   Help non-English speaking people for getting medical and legal services;

•   Annual December celebration of the feast of Lady of Guadalupe with Spanish

 food festival.

Hispanic Ministry Union Springs

Chair: Suzi Law
Phone: 669-5066 (cell)     299-6923 (home)


Mission: Our mission is to provide outreach services and to serve the poor Hispanic community, primarily in Union Springs.  We take seriously the Gospel call to provide the spiritual and corporal works of mercy to these people, “the least of our brothers and sisters.”  It is our privilege to minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ and in the Catholic faith.

Activities: We solicit donations for household items, particularly beds and sofas, for families recently settling in the area.  We provide pick-up and delivery of items. We provide replacement household items for families who suffer tragedy such as a trailer or home burning.

In the event a child or other family member has died, we raise funds, we work with the Consulate to provide the additional funding needed, we make arrangements with funeral homes, with the Consulate, and with the airlines to send bodies back to the country of origin.

We provide a “bridge” to social services to help young, pregnant women find the prenatal care they need.  We link adults and children to other needed medical and dental services.  We pay a portion of medical bills for those who are unable to pay for the service.  We help with medication costs.

We help parents obtain documentation on children born in the United States, such as a Medicaid Card and Social Security Card.

We provide help while someone is in the hospital, translating for them, and assuring they get the care they require.  We help to check them in and to assist with discharge making sure the patient understands all the instructions.  When necessary, we call for a priest to come to provide the anointing of the sick.

We provide emergency transportation to doctor appointments and to other appointments such as to the Health Department for services.

We assist them in enrolling their children in school as most of these people do not speak English well enough to make themselves understood.  We assist if there are problems in the school.

We furnish books and teach the English classes so that, in time, more people will be able to speak for themselves.  The classes are taught on Saturdays.

We provide the bulk of funding and toys for Christmas gifts and celebrations. We provide Easter baskets and hold an Easter Egg Hunt.

We provide any type assistance that is needed. It is not necessary to speak Spanish to be of help in a variety of cases.  Anyone who speaks Spanish and can help with translations, especially in dealing with medical situations, is greatly needed.

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