Founded June 10, 1977

Church Office Assistance

Chair: Karen Franklin                Phone: 277-5631

Mission: Adult parishioners volunteer to perform light office work on an “as needed” basis, particularly when the secretary is on vacation.  Work can include stuffing envelopes and applying postage in support of parish mail outs.  Other duties might involve answering the telephone, taking messages, responding to routine requests for information, and greeting visitors.  Volunteers are also needed to count the Sunday collection (one Monday every 5 weeks) and to stuff bulletins each Friday morning.

Finance Council

Chair: Paul McTear
Rod Lopez
John David Barranco
Baron Coleman
Jeff Rosser



Chair: Mary Lee Flagg         Phone: 281-8055

Mission: To provide various types of reading materials and media for all ages and interests of parishioners.

Activities: The library is available to parishioners (both adult and children) whenever the church is open.  It is unmanned, but functions like most libraries with a green card checkout system and return boxes.  It features books, videos, audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs.  Materials are featured in the weekly church bulletin and on special shelves in the library for new and seasonal items.  Information about the library can also be found on the parish website.  Help is always appreciated in keeping the library up-to-date.  This includes shelving books, filing catalog cards, sending out overdue notices, and processing new materials.  Library workers work on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until noon all year; however, some of these needed tasks can be done at any time.  Donations of books, videos, DVDs, and CDs are always welcome.  Suggestions for future purchases are appreciated.

Nusery Volunteers

Chair: Catie Murphy

Mission: Our parish has a nursery on Sunday mornings during the 8 o'clock and 11 o'clock masses as well as during the 915 faith formation and adult education classes. Children from three months to five years are welcome and it is located in the hallway connecting the parish hall to the main church.

We have two nursery employees and we partner with Montgomery Catholic to have high school volunteers. In addition, all parents and other parishioners are encouraged to volunteer to staff the nursery. For any questions or concerns, please contact Catie Murphy at

Nursery Registration Form

Parish Kitchen

Chair: Charity Firestone
Phone: 509-389-0399

Mission: The Parish Hall and Kitchen are scheduled through the  parish office by filling out an Event Request Form. The requested date will be confirmed after the event is approved and a Security Deposit is paid.

The Parish Hall will be available in the following order of priority:

1. Official parish events. “Official” is defined as a group or organization that comes under the different parish committees.
2. Parishioners for appropriate functions.
3. Non-parishioner events by groups with objectives which are consistent with the Mission and values of Holy Spirit Parish, who are known to Holy Spirit, and are approved by the Pastor or his designated staff representative. Holy Spirit will rent to charity and non-profit groups but not to for-profit groups whose purpose is to make money.

Parish Hall Kitchen Cleanup Checklist           Parish Hall Item Checklist

Pastoral Council


Mrs. Margaret Barber

Mrs. Diane Bradley

Mrs. Gina Izer (President)

Mrs. Ann Karst (Vice President)

Mr. Dan Luehrs

Mr. Thomas Marangoly

Mrs. Evelyn Moreira

Mrs. Catie Murphy (Secretary)

Mr. Chris Turner



The Pastoral Council serves as an advisory body to the Pastor of Holy Spirit Parish.  The Council assesses, studies and reviews the pastoral needs of the parishioners and of the parish organizations and, in doing so, advises the Pastor and parish staff on how best to meet those needs.  The Council is comprised of nine members, of which seven are elected by parishioners and two are appointed by the Pastor.  The Council meets regularly at the call of the Pastor.

Pastoral Council Meeting is monthly on the third Thursday in the Parish Office Conference Room at 6:00 pm.

Council Minutes Archives

Religious Goods Store

Chair: Fred Neighbors               Phone: 277-9220

Mission: Volunteers sell religious merchandise after each Mass on the weekends.  They handle cash and checks and occasionally are required to make change.  This activity usually takes about 15-20 minutes.  Rotating schedules can be used if there are enough volunteers.

Information: For people who want to use the store when no one is available to assist, prices are marked and checks should be made out to Church of the Holy Spirit.  There is no tax for items sold in this store.  Special orders can be taken using the catalogs available.  These orders also include a cost for shipping and handling.

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Faith Formation for Youth: (334) 782-3639

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Parish Hall Kitchen: (334) 799-2756

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