Prayer Line


The Prayer Line provides spiritual support through prayers to those who request them.

We have approximately 80 pray-ears on the Prayer Line.  A request comes in and it is passed on by Robo call and email. Each prayer  then prays in their own way for the request. Sometimes there is a long lull between requests and at other time there are 2:3 a day.

We pray for those in need in all aspects of life for those of family, friends and our world. All requests are passed on.

It’s a very important and rewarding ministry as prayer does work. I try to give updates when I receive them so our prayers can see how effective their prayers have been.

We have no meetings. It’s been a very important ministry to the homebound who want to participate  in our church community but can’t get to the church. Also, for those working odd hours and those who don’t like meetings.